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Friday 01 Nov 2019Designing for Wellbeing and Climate Resilience - What do we mean when we talk about Green Infrastructure?

Richard Brown - Arup

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30


Shifting the debate from engineering our cities to integrating ourselves with nature through hashtag#GreenInfrastructure to make our cities resilient to today’s environmental, social, economic and physical challenges. Rediscovering our water courses, rethinking our protective infrastructure, ensuring efficient potable water supply, enabling sustainable transport, supporting health and wellbeing are some of the roles that green infrastructure can play.


Richard is a chartered Civil Engineer and the Water Group lead for Arup in Bristol. He has a wealth of experience from the Water and Rail Industries in the UK and Ireland. He is a specialist in hydraulic modelling, sewerage, flood risk management and green infrastructure. Amongst other things he has successfully delivered two British Construction Industry Award winning projects in Llanelli RainScape and Greener Grangetown.

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