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Friday 30 Aug 2019Translating Computer Vision Research to Real-World Applications

Dr Moi Hoon Yap -

Harrison 170 13:30-14:15


The Human-Centred Computing Group undertakes research in computer vision, games, HCI and AI across the themes of healthcare, medical imaging and sport. In facial analysis, we create new algorithms for face wrinkles detection, micro-expressions detection/recognition, facial inpainting and denoising algorithms. We are working with external partners to deliver our research to real-world applications. This talk covers some of our recent works in facial analysis and medical image analysis. I will also share our journey of diabetic foot ulcer project, beginning from image processing to adoption of deep learning models, and to partnership with Oracle to create cloud-enabled prototype.

About Dr Moi Hoon Yap:

Dr. Moi Hoon Yap is a Reader in computer vision at the Manchester Metropolitan University. She is leading the Human-Centred Computing Group. She is the holder of the Royal Society Industry Fellow with Image Metrics Ltd, and the PI/Co-I of the research projects funded by the Royal Society, Innovate UK, H2020 and industry partners. She serves as an associate editor for Journal of Open Research Software and a reviewer for IEEE journals/Transactions. Her research interests are facial analysis and medical image analysis, mainly in deep learning for real-world computer vision applications. To name a few, facial wrinkle detection and inpainting, automation of breast ultrasound lesion detection, diabetic foot ulcer recognition and skin lesion detection.

Chair: Dr Yang Liu

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