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Wednesday 20 Nov 2019[Seminar] ExoMol 2019: Challenges of modern spectroscopy of exoplanets and other hot atmospheres

Dr Sergey Yurchenko - UCL

4th floor, Physics building 14:00-15:00

The ExoMol project aims to provide molecular line lists for exoplanets and other atmosphere with a particular emphasis on those atmospheres which
are significantly hotter than the Earth's. The ExoMol database ( contains approximately trillion molecular transitions covering 80 molecules plus many isotopologues. ExoMol aims to provide complete and comprehensive line lists; it is the go-to source of data for exoplanet models and observations. The advent of new space missions, such as Ariel and JWST and ELTs, and ground-based telescopes, allied to new high resolution techniques, will begin to answer fundamental questions about the composition, formation and properties of exoplanets through detailed spectroscopic studies of their atmospheres. However, a prerequisite for advances to be made is the availability of fundamental atomic and molecular data necessary for interpreting these new observations. In my talk I will review the current status of ExoMol and discuss new opacity initiatives as a response to these and other challenges of the modern spectroscopy of exoplanets, including:
- Spectroscopy of hot Super-Earth;
- ExoMol HD: New level of accuracy required by and critical for the HR spectroscopy of exoplanets;
- Opacity data for isotopologues;
- A systematic production of half-widths and line shifts;
- UV opacities for exoplanetary species;
- Opacity for non-LTE atmospheric conditions.

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