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Wednesday 18 Sep 2019[Seminar] Statistical fitting of rotational evolution models

Angie Breimann - University of Exeter

4th floor, Physics building 14:00-15:00

Rotation rates of solar-type stars are a property key to understanding their broader stellar evolution, and give an important insight into the physics of stellar magnetic activity and winds. Combined with a spin evolution model, observed rotation rates can also be used to constrain stellar ages, particularly on the main sequence where rotation rates are observed to change on order of approximately a magnitude. Comparatively, other age indicators can struggle during this stage of a star's lifetime due to barely changing stellar structure. In order to reliably estimate ages, accurate data from large surveys is essential to constrain masses, radii and luminosities consistently across a variety of clusters, and are therefore crucial to understanding where model assumptions might fail. We present the latest in the development of tools for fitting cluster rotation data to physical models, allowing us to constrain stellar ages and the physics of stellar magnetic activity and winds.

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