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Friday 12 Jul 2019Sponge city: A novel solution for urban management paradigm

Professor Haifeng Jia - Tsinghua University

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30


China’s Sponge city construction (SCC) initiated by the national central government, represents an enormous efforts for achieving urban sustainability, which presents how to tackle the stormwater through infiltration, retention or detention, storage, purification, reuse and discharge of rainwater, while increasing the possibility of stormwater reuse and improving the urban environment and liveability. What is the implementation status so far? In which levels the goals are achieved? What are the main achievements and lessons, as well as recommendations for the future implementation learning from the practices? This paper presents a summary of the SCC practices, bringing together the political objectives, technical approach, successful expereince and challenges during the China’s SCC.


Dr. Jia conducted his research and teaching in the fields of watershed / urban water environmental planning and management, water quality and hydrologic modelling, urban runoff control and Sponge city, and Environmental Remote Sensing and GIS. He has finished 100 research projects. He has published more 200 peer-reviewed journal papers and conference papers, and 9 books. He has received 38 different level academic and engineering Awards and Honors. He is active in international academic activities and international collaborations. He has organized and attended many international conferences. He also serves as Member of IAHR/IWA Joint Committee on Urban Drainage.

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