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Friday 11 Oct 2019I-React, the first modular solution to integrate and analyse in real-time a set of data coming from different sources to provide an action-based warning system.

Martin Dolan - Oxford Brookes University/Aquobex

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30


Due to climate change, extreme weather events will be frequent and will last longer. Greater evaporation will lead to increased water vapour in the atmosphere, producing more intense precipitation. This, together with rapid snow melting, increases the likelihood of floods. Also, higher temperatures will increase the frequency of wildfires as well as other disasters. Current systems for risk management are still limited in their effectiveness. Despite technological progresses and the availability of large amounts of data, there is no platform that integrates and analyses in real time all the useful data to manage emergencies for improving prediction and management of disasters. I-REACT is the first European-wide platform to integrate emergency management data coming from multiple sources, including that provided by citizens through social media and crowdsourcing. This way, we are able to produce information faster and allow citizens, civil protection services and policymakers to effectively prevent and/or react against disasters.


With a background in architecture, international development and disaster risk reduction research, Martin is currently applying his commercial and academic experience and skills in developing new business and research opportunities in the field of flood risk reduction working with both Oxford Brookes University and Aquobex Flood Solutions.

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