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Tuesday 23 Apr 2019[Journal Club] Parameterisation of Convective Core Overshooting within Massive Stellar Interiors

Joshua Clarke - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

The mixing behaviour of stellar fluid near the convective boundaries of stellar interiors is not yet fully understood. One possible mixing mechanism within Massive Stars is the overshooting of convective material from the core into the dynamically stable envelope. During the main sequence this process would mix hydrogen from the inner envelope into the hydrogen burning core, which would increase the lifetime of the MS stage. The extent of overshooting distance into the envelope, and how to model the mixing it causes it not yet fully agreed, with tuneable parameters used to match models to observations. The aim of this project is to further constrain the overshooting process by simulating stellar models from Pre-MS to TAMS, with initial masses ranging from 9-40Msun. Different treatments for the overshooting will be prescribed to each model, and then analysed to derive a better parameterisation for overshooting, in particular looking for any possible relations between stellar Mass, core luminosity, and overshooting .

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