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Tuesday 09 Apr 2019[Journal Club] Modelling the radiative-convective boundary in planets and stars using Dedalus

Simon Lance - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

There are multiple examples in stellar and planetary physics where phenomena that occur at the very surface of both planets and stars go on to have dynamical influences on the interiors of these objects. Similarly there are many processes that originate deep in their interiors that affect the overall structure and surface layers. It is evident that these two regions are intrinsically coupled, and so to understand how these objects evolve and behave as a whole, it is crucial we understand the nature of this coupling. I'll be starting the talk by giving a brief overview my background and of my previous work at undergraduate, before going on to outline some examples of these couplings. I'll then give an overview of the Dedalus project ( and present some preliminary results from a simple 2D Boussinesq model using the Dedalus framework.

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