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Tuesday 28 May 2019The Arctic warming hot spot and its linkages to mid latitudes in boreal winter

Tore Furevik -

Laver LT6 11:30-12:30

I will discuss recent and ongoing works on the warming of the Arctic in boreal winter, most pronounced in the northern Barents and Kara Seas, and its linkages to the mid latitudes. Coinciding with Arctic surface warm anomalies in recent decades (i.e., 1997–2017), the Siberian high has intensified and the East Asian jet stream expanded westward, suggesting a teleconnection between Arctic and the midlatitudes. In contrast, corresponding midlatitude circulation anomalies coinciding with Arctic surface warm anomalies during 1979–1996 were barely statistically significant.  Observations indicate the importance of mid-tropospheric warming. Multi-model simulations supports this,  and also point to internal atmospheric variability as the cause for the observed shift in the strength of the Arctic - midlatitude linkages. 

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