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Tuesday 12 Feb 2019[Journal Club] Photoionisation in Giant Molecular Cloud Complexes

Tom Bending - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

I am predominantly interested Stellar feedback’s role in shaping the interstellar medium (ISM). Starting with 500pc2 regions of gas extracted from galaxy scale simulations I add the effects of photoionisation and track the formation of stellar clusters. Photoionisation and other feedback processes have long been mooted to be the likely answer to observed star formation rates (SFRs) being higher than those in simulations. However, adding feedback to simulations typically has a modest impact on SFRs, although some studies  advocate a more striking effect. By examining the effect of photoionisation from massive stars on the gas I aim to gain insight into the varying morphologies in star forming regions. How does star formation and feedback change the environment within giant molecular clouds (GMCs)? Is there a noticeable impact on the ISM on scales larger than GMCs?

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