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Friday 15 Feb 2019All Change Please

Trevor Bishop - Ofwat

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


A clear consensus now exists across water professionals, internationally, that the scale of the challenge the sector faces over the next two decades is probably greater than at any time over the last century. For many parts of the developing world the key challenge is a chronic imbalance in the provision of basic water and sanitation needs for a rapidly growing population and a more urbanised society.

In the UK, as with many westernised societies, the challenges are different but no less formidable. For water and sanitation services in England and Wales the balance between prudent long-term investment and affordability is often finely balanced and recently also highly politicised. In addition, the nature of long-term planning for sustainable, safe and resilient services is facing both increasing complexities combined with deep uncertainties.

We are fast approaching a key decision point in how we are able to manage these issues with possibly historic intergenerational consequences. Water companies, Ofwat, government/regulators and many others are all involved with Periodic Review 2019 (PR19) which will set the investment agenda for long term delivery of water/wastewater services. This presentation will explore some of the emerging themes and the critical role of innovation and future research in the delivery of these outcomes.


Trevor Bishop has been Director at WRSE since January 2019.

As Organisational Development Director for WRSE Trevor’s key responsibilities include strategy/policy, engagement and business management. Trevor is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter.

Prior to his current role Trevor worked at Ofwat for three years on long term assignment from the Environment Agency. At Ofwat Trevor’s specific areas of work included resilience, environmental delivery, catchment approaches, clean/wastewater planning and aspects of PR19. At the Environment Agency Trevor was Deputy Director of Water Resources which included all aspects of water resource regulation, strategy and operations.

Previous to the Environment Agency Trevor worked for over 10 years in the Water Industry with a wide range of both strategic and operational roles in a number of water companies. Trevor also supports water sector international engagement and current sites on the International Water Associations Strategic Council.

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