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Monday 11 Mar 2019Dynamics Seminar: Emergence of multistability by neuron-glial interactions

Maurizio de Pitta - BCAM, Bilbao

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

Astrocytes – a predominant cortical glial cell type – have been implicated in the active regulation of synaptic transmission, through the modulation of either pre- or post-synaptic receptors by activity-depedent release of neurotransmitters, otherwise known as “gliotransmitters.” The need for gliotransmission and its implications in the brain's pathophysiology remain nonetheless elusive. Starting from a classical model of cortical neural networks, I will introduce a model for gliotransmission, leveraging on its effect on stability of neural dynamics. In particular, I will show how gliotransmitter-mediated increases of synaptic release could promote multistability, underpin emergence of oscillations, or exacerbate existing rhythmic activity promoting epileptiform neural dynamics. Finally, I will elaborate on possible conditions for effective occurrence these phenomena exploiting the notion of regulation of short-term synaptic dynamics by gliotransmission in connection with morphology and functional characteristics of the neuron-glial tissue

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