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Thursday 29 Nov 2018Vertical Workflows: Service Enactment & Orchestration Across Edge and Cloud Resources

Prof. Omer Rana - Cardiff University

Building:One - Pearson Teaching Room 14:30-15:30

There is increasing realisation that edge devices, which are closer to a user, can play an important part in supporting latency and privacy sensitive applications. Such devices have also continued to increase in capability over recent years, ranging in complexity from embedded resources (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino boards) placed alongside data capture devices to more complex "micro data centres". Using such resources, a user is able to carry out task execution and data storage in proximity to their location, often making use of computing resources that can have varying ownership and access rights. Increasing performance requirements for stream processing applications (for instance), which incur delays between the client and the cloud have led to newer models of computation, which requires an application workflow to be split across data centre and edge resource capabilities. With recent emergence of edge/fog computing it has become possible to migrate services to micro data centres and to address the performance limitations of traditional (centralised) cloud based applications. Such migration can be represented as a cost function that involves incentives for micro-data centres to host services with associated quality of services and experience. Using various scenarios, this talk outlines how cloud hosted services can be combined with edge services to support latency-sensitive applications. An optimisation approach is then used to describe how service enactment can be split across edge and cloud-based computational/data resources.

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