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Monday 08 Oct 2018Dynamics Seminar: Modelling and engineering dynamic regulations in stem cells

Lucia Marucci - Bristol

H103 14:30-15:30

Cellular decision-making and homeostasis are orchestrated by the dynamic interplay between signalling pathways and the extracellular environment. Mathematical modelling can help in tackling this complexity by formalising cell population emergent dynamics using Systems Biology approaches. On the other hand, Synthetic Biology offers the opportunity to interrogate cellular functions by directly engineering target perturbations.

In this talk, I will present experimental and modelling results elucidating signalling pathway dynamics in stem cell populations, specifically embryonic and intestinal stem cells. I will discuss the link between dynamic behaviours and cell fate, extending the analysis to account for cell-cycle progression using agent-based models.

I will also introduce our current effort in both engineering target gene expression patterns and automatically controlling stem cell fate by means of a microfluidics/microscopy control platform, inducible constructs and segmentation/control algorithms. Possible use of the control platform for experimental control-based continuation of non-linear biochemical dynamics in living cells will be discussed.

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