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Friday 23 Nov 2018Integrated SUDS Design

Bob Bray - Robert Bray Associates

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) have been promoted since the late 1990s and been required by law since 2015 when the Flood and Water Management Act was enacted. However most SuDS schemes still use conventional drainage approaches, including gully pots to collect runoff, resulting in pipe to pond or pipe to underground storage boxes. Robert Bray Associates use the landscape, both hard and soft, to integrate SuDS into the development, providing cost effective and easily maintained schemes that are attractive and usable by people and wildlife. This integrated SuDS design requires new ways of allocating storage, smaller orifice controls than usual and use of sub-catchments to manage runoff. These design innovations will be illustrated by a variety of projects including Exwick Heights Primary School which is local to Exeter.


I have been involved with the development of SuDS since 1996 when the SuDS philosophy and concepts were introduced to the UK. Robert Bray Associates have the biggest portfolio of SuDS installations in the UK that demonstrate integrated SuDS design with a clear demonstration of Quantity and Quality criteria with Amenity and Biodiversity benefits. These exemplars are achieved using a design approach that mimics natural drainage principles and uses the whole development site to manage rainfall. These can be seen at including Australia Road (Bridget Joyce Project) that recently gained both ICE and Landscape Institute Awards.

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