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Monday 24 Sep 2018Entangled fields emerging from the sun

Dr Chris Prior - Durham University

H103 14:30-16:30

The Sun's surface roughly separates a domain which behaves like a magnetized fluid (the interior) and one where the magnetic behaviour dominates (the surface/corona). Interior theories often focus on how the sun's global magnetic field is generated (dynamo theory). Coronal modelling often focuses on how bundles/ropes of current carrying magnetic field's behave in the Sun's atmosphere. A crucial link between these two strands of theory and observation are flux emergence studies modelling how these magnetic bundles emerge from the interior. Observational evidence suggest a majority of structure have a more complex entanglement than usually modelled. I present results of emergence simulations of more complex magnetic flux bundles and how they might be used to guide the interpretation of observational evidence. One crucial aspect of this study is to focus on how one can mathematically quantify the entanglement of such flux bundles (their topology). This work was in collaboration with David MacTaggart of Glasgow university.

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