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Wednesday 10 Jul 2019[Seminar] Origin, nature and evolution of interstellar grains

Dr Svitlana Zhukovska - University of Exeter

4th Floor, Physics Building 14:00-15:00

Dust is ubiquitous component of the ISM of any galaxy and important tracer and player of its evolution. Dust properties are not the same: on the large scale their changes are driven by galactic chemical evolution and on the small scale by various processing in multiphase ISM. These variations observed recently in the Milky Way and local galaxies hold the key to understanding the long-standing questions on where interstellar grains come from and how they evolve in the ISM. I will discuss recently progress in this area achieved with models of dust formation and processing in the ISM. Simple models of galactic chemical evolution with dust are used to constrain the highly-debated contributions of low-mass stars and supernovae to the galactic dust budget. With 3D models of grain evolution in inhomogeneous, evolving ISM based on hydrodynamic simulations, we shed light on the process of dust re-formation in the ISM. We find that dust grains grow by accretion of gas-phase elements in the cold neutral medium and are efficiently destroyed in the diffuse ISM.

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