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Tuesday 13 Feb 2018[Journal Club] Selecting Candidate YSOs for WEAVE

Andrew Wilson - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:45-11:00

WEAVE is a new multi-object spectrograph being built for the William Herschel Telescope. By using many optical fibres it will be able to take simultaneous spectra of up to 1,000 objects at a time. The purpose of WEAVE is to perform follow up spectroscopy for the Gaia mission. The WEAVE YSO Survey will target some of WEAVE's fibres towards YSO candidates for the purpose of determining the level of star formation in clusters as compared with isolated or dispersed star formation. In order to identify potential YSOs, existing photometric survey’s by WISE, Spitzer, IPHAS and others will be used to select probable YSOs using methods based on Colour Magnitude Diagrams and Colour-Colour Diagrams.

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