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Tuesday 30 Jan 2018[Journal Club] Modelling chemistry in a pre-stellar core

Alison Young - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

Observations of molecular line emission can provide a wealth of information, including kinematics, temperature and chemical composition. Now that interferometric observations are able to resolve small scale structures in pre-stellar cores down to discs and outflows we can utilise more detailed synthetic observations. Modelling of the chemical abundances in pre-stellar cores reveals that there may be specific chemical signatures of the different components, providing an additional method for distinguishing outflows, discs and first cores. Chemical abundances calculated for conditions throughout the core can also be used to calculate line emission more accurately than assuming a constant abundance or a simple drop-model for freezeout of CO. I will discuss how to post-process hydrodynamical simulations of early star formation to obtain chemical abundances and how this can be used to create synthetic molecular line observations.

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