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Friday 12 Jan 2018Complex Problems in the Resources Management - Multi-objective Fuzzy Expert System Application

Professor Svetlana Stevovic - Innovation Centre of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia

Laver LT3 14:30-15:30

Abstract: The main research topics on the Earth are resources, energy and environment. Engineers, economist, lawyers, experts in management, culture, history, art are requested to work together to research holistic models of optimal resources development, within the New energy policy 2050, that will incorporate and harmonize the following criteria:

- To make the solution being technically in accordance with the contemporary results in the field and constructively stable

- To be economically and financially acceptable

- Do not endanger on anyone's rights

- Cultural values and historical monuments should be protected

- The tradition and art of the local community should not be compromised

- To be optimal in the whole solution dynamically and

- Not endanger the environment

Renewable resources are the subject of many contemporary researches. Hydro and solar energy are compatible in some way and they are the subject of the research presented here. The aim is to extend the research on solar energy application, proofing all advantages for local communities, in cooperation with the University of Exeter, applying nature inspired and others different optimization models. The idea is that the various optimization models justify the necessity of focusing on the development of RES and application of it. In case we are developing solar energy in one country or local community, we need compatible hydro energy resources to cover the pick part of daily diagram of consumption. But, water is one of the most important and the most vulnerable resources on the Earth. The subject of the research is the artificial intelligence models through a modern methodological approach to solving complex water management problems. Fuzzy logic as new mathematics and fuzzy expert systems open up great opportunities in simulating and solving real complex problems related to the water resources management. Technical and economic criteria are researched when decision-makers seek optimum, but sometimes the decisive influence belongs to the low, ecology, politic, territorial, social, religious or cultural criteria. Theoretical model was tested and confirmed by the development of an fuzzy expert system for the selection of an optimal solution for the management and distribution of the water potential of the real river, in the zone of different entities. Holistic approach and synergy incorporation of all relevant criteria resulted in the fact that the solution found by the fuzzy expert model was also implemented in practice, which is confirmation for the fuzzy expert system developed.

Biography: Professsor Svetlana Stevovic, PhD. C.E. was born in 1956. Since she graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering - Hydraulic Engineering and Water-Environmental Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1980, over the master degree and doctorate, she has been continuously improving her knowledge in the direction of searching modern scientific methodological approach to sustainable water management and environmentally friendly solutions. Professor Stevovic is also a Principal Research Fellow for Renewable resources. She is currently employed by the Innovation Centre – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Previously, she was Dean of the Faculty for Ecology and Environmental Protection and Vice Rector for the Science of University Union Nikola Tesla, Belgrade. She was teaching different courses in Hydrotechnic, Hydro Technical Structures, Water Resources Management, as well as courses at doctoral studies in Sustainable Development and Renewable Resources, Faculty of Construction Management. Before working at the University, Professor Stevovic had been project manager for 24 years, within the Energoproject – Hydroengineering, world known consulting and contraction company. Whilst she was working in Energoprojekt – Hydroengineering, she was project manager for more than 50 multi-disciplinary, multi-purpose hydro projects, in the country and abroad, in English and in French-speaking countries. All these experiences are now successfully transferred to students and they are woven into her papers. During her 37 years of experience, Professor Stevovic was a head of scientific research projects and subprojects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. also, she was head of Technical and Technological Projects in the Republic of Serbia, in the Balkans, Asia, Africa, South and North America, head and participant of EU projects (IPA, Horizon, COST, UNEP, SDR, FOKUS) and independent expert for the evaluation of EU projects. She is a member of different professional associations and the author of numerous monographs, scientific and professional papers, published in national and international journals and at conferences. Curriculum Vitae of Professor Stevovic contains more than 470 bibliography items at the moment.

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