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Monday 29 Jan 2018Dynamics Seminar: Two investigations into the development of orientation and spatial maps

Stephen Eglen - Cambridge

LSI Seminar Room A 14:30-15:30

In this talk I will describe two recent projects investigating the development of retinotopic maps in the mammalian brain. First, I will discuss the possibility that the distribution of retinal ganglion cells ("retinal mosaics") generate ocular dominance columns in primary visual cortex. Our findings suggest that retinal mosaics are too disorganised to reliably generate ordered orientation maps. Second, I will show how we recently held a "competition" to evaluate four models of retinotopic map formation. I will show that (a) no model yet accounts for all experimental data (b) that old models are almost as good as new models. Time permitting, I'll present some recent evidence on new models for convergence of spatial maps.

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