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Tuesday 12 Dec 2017[Journal Club] Observers communication and Measurements in different universe metrics

Hazhar Rasull - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

Global changes in the different universe metrics have been made to test communications between observers and measurement of cosmological parameters such as the circumference, velocity, and age of the universe. Starting with a brief introduction to the twin paradox, then twin paradox in a compact static cylindrical universe will be presented, Afterward we will introduce two moving observers then one observer in the compact cylindrical universe, attempting to find the velocity of each observer and the size of the universe, a global analysis leads to a conclusion that the description of the topology of this universe has required a preferred state of rest so that principles of special relativity, although locally applicable, is not globally valid . Finally, the discussion will be extended to measurements in compact Milne and the de-sitter universe models.

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