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Tuesday 05 Dec 2017[Journal Club] Massive Young Stellar Objects in the Infrared-Dark Cloud G79.3+0.3

Anna Laws - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

G79.3+0.3 is an infrared-dark cloud (IRDC) that is home to the most massive and deeply-embedded Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) across the Cygnus-X complex.

We have produced SMA (Submillimeter Array) 1.3mm continuum images of
G79.3+0.3 in which we observe five resolved YSOs, one of which has a massive collimated 12CO outflow spanning at least 1.37pc.

We have estimated physical parameters for these five YSOs in G79.3+0.3 and for over 30,000 YSOs across the Cygnus-X region by fitting existing photometry from Spitzer, Herschel, and ground-based telescopes to spectral energy distribution (SED) models.

Through these model fits we find that the two most massive YSOs seen in the SMA 1.3mm continuum have masses of 5.77+/-1.73Msun and 5.17+/-1.55Msun, placing them within the top 0.2% most massive YSOs across Cygnus-X.

We find that G79.3+0.3 contains more massive, luminous, and high-extinction objects than Cygnus-X in general, consistent with this IRDC being the birthplace of the most massive YSOs across Cygnus-X.

One of the SMA sources was observed to have a massive molecular outflow extending at least 0.94pc from the source, with a total mass of 3.2Msun and a dynamical timescale of 1.3Myr.

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