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Thursday 07 Dec 2017Statistical Science seminar

Dr Vincent Van Hees - eScience centre

Forum Exploration Lab 1 14:30-16:30


Vincent will talk about his work on raw data accelerometry. He will touch on the methods he embedded in his R package GGIR, and his current explorations to enhance these methods: (1) A heuristic algorithm in R to extract sleep parameters from the sensor data, and (2) An exploration of Hidden semi-Markov models with Python library pyhsmm.


Vincent holds a PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Cambridge and did a post-doc at Newcastle University. Central theme of Vincent’s work has been the development of algorithms to process data from wearable movement sensors as used for population research on human behaviour. In his current role as eScience Research Engineer at the Netherlands eScience Center, he focuses on time series and sensor data analysis more generally, but mainly in the life sciences.

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