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Wednesday 17 Jan 2018[Seminar] Debris discs: shedding light on the outer regions of planetary systems

Dr. Sebastian Marino - University of Cambridge

Physics 4th Floor 14:00-15:00

While our knowledge of the inner regions of planetary systems has been dramatically improved with thousands of exoplanets discovered in the last decade, the outer regions remain vastly unexplored with only a few gas giant planets discovered. However, these outer regions are far from empty as our Solar System suggests with ice giant planets and debris discs similar to the Kuiper belt. In this talk I will show how ALMA observations of debris discs can provide unique insights into these cold outer regions, setting constraints on 1) planet formation, 2) the presence of Neptune-like planets, 3) the volatile composition of planetesimals, and 4) how these could deliver water to inner planets.

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