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Wednesday 13 Dec 2017[Seminar] SHINE: the SPHERE infrared survey for exoplanets.

Dr. Arthur Vigan - Marseille

Physics 4th Floor 14:00-15:00

SPHERE is the new generation exoplanet imagers installed at the Very Large Telescope. Since 2015, we have started the large-scale SHINE survey to look for giant exoplanets around a sample of 400 to 600 young, nearby stars (<300 Myr, <150 pc). The main goal of SHINE is to constrain for the first time the population of giant exoplanets in the 5-100 AU range, where previous direct imaging surveys and other detection methods are not sensitive. After presenting the astrophysical context, I will describe the current status of SHINE, some of its most interesting discoveries and the first statistical constraints drawn after 2 years and more than 200 observed targets. Finally, I will conclude with instrumental considerations by presenting some evolutions foreseen for the instrument over the next few years.

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