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Tuesday 11 Jul 2017A campaign of high angular resolution observations targeting two young stellar objects

Jacques Kluska - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

Most of the planets are forming in the inner parts (< 5 au) of protoplanetary discs. 

High resolution observations are therefore needed to spatially resolve these inner regions and study their structure.

I will present extended observing campaigns targeting a pre-transitional object (MWC614) and a young and active binary (Z CMa).

The observations include SPHERE/ZIMPOL direct polarimetric imaging in the visible, KECK/NIRC2 aperture masking observations and VLTI and CHARA long baseline interferometric observations using 6 instruments in the infrared.

The geometry of both systems will be presented and discussed.

The pre-transitional object seems to be in a very peculiar evolutionary state possibly just starting to clearing its disk from the inside.

The ongoing analysis of Z CMa data indicates a complex structure around the Herbig component possibly pointing towards an additional component in the system.

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