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Tuesday 09 May 2017Observing Exoplanets with JWST

Aarynn Carter - University of Exeter

4th Floor Interaction Area 11:15-11:45

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is an infrared space telescope with a 6.5-metre primary mirror scheduled for launch in October 2018. The high sensitivity of JWST and its suite of instruments (NIRCam, NIRSpec, NIRISS and MIRI) spanning 0.6 - 28.3 microns provide the potential to revolutionise our understanding of transiting and directly imaged exoplanets. During this talk I will describe: how these exoplanets are observed and the information these observations provide, the properties of JWST and the observational modes relevant for exoplanet observations, and current preliminary work to predict the quality and feasibility of these observations.

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