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Friday 25 Nov 2016The Role of the Civil Engineer in Managing Flood Risk and Adapting to Climate Change

Hamish Hall - WSP Pasrsons Brinckerhoff

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00


A flood risk manager's view of how new and existing infrastructure can help societies adapt to climate change and severe flood risk events.  Based on recent road and rail project examples from the UK and abroad.


The presentation will commence by introducing our increasing exposure to risks due to severe weather events, in the context of a changing climate.  The presentation will draw on recent project examples to illustrate how a multi-functional approach can be applied to both existing and new infrastructure to better manage coastal erosion and flood related impacts of severe weather and climate change.  

Through examples the presentation will demonstrate how a multi-functional approach to infrastructure planning and flood management can deliver significantly enhanced benefits, ultimately leading to safer communities, increased likelihood of funding and improved use of resources.  It will highlight the great importance of understanding the wider threats and opportunities associated with the delivery and maintenance of infrastructure.

The presentation will also discuss the importance of communicating effectively with wide and (potentially) diverse groups of potential collaborators and stakeholders in promoting the multi-functional approach.  This is also crucial to build understanding of the risks arising from severe weather and climate change. To this aim, examples will be given of where communication tools have proved particularly effective.



Hamish Hall manages WSP|Pasrsons Brinckerhoff’s Water team in the UK. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer whose main passions lie in coastal management, river engineering, waterside & harbour development and climate change adaptation.  He was worked extensively across the UK and abroad. He has a detailed understanding of coastal processes, hydrological, hydraulic and economic modelling and business planning, particularly in relation to developments close to water.  He has delivered numerous flood and coastal risk management projects and regularly supports the ongoing efforts of the flood risk management community into furthering their understanding of risk- particularly in generating projects that achieve multiple objectives

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