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Thursday 10 Nov 2016Native Content Distribution through Off-Path Content Discovery in Information-Centric Networks

Vasilis Sourlas - UCL

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

The proliferation of content-centric applications in the Internet motivated a research trend towards content-oriented networking, which has been realized through the Information-Centric Networking (ICN) paradigm. In ICN, routing and forwarding is based on uniquely identified and authenticated content identifiers/names, rather than end-host addresses. Thus, in ICN, content can be transparently delivered from any cache-enabled in-network device (e.g., router), as long as this device holds a valid copy of the requested content and the request traverses it. Based on this principle, a new research field has emerged, named “in-network caching”. Recent research in ICN has considered various approaches for discovering content in the cache-enabled nodes of the network. In this work, we consider an opportunistic approach that uses trails left behind by data packets from the content origin to the sources in order to discover off-path cached content. The proposed mechanism can significantly increase cache hit rate compared to default forwarding strategies, while limiting the overhead at acceptable levels. We also investigate a variation of this mechanism to increase information-resilience in ICNs used for the retrieval of content in disruptive, fragmented networks, by exploiting content cached both in in-network caches and in end-users' devices.

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