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Friday 21 Oct 2016Risk-based water resources planning in presence of conflicting objectives

Dr Mohammad Mortazavi-Naeini - University of Oxford

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00

Water supply systems in England face growing challenges, due to the effects of population growth, climate change and the need to restore the aquatic environment. There is a growing emphasis on securing the reliability of water supplies in the face of these challenges. Risk-based planning approach tests system reliability under a large number of ensembles which many of them would be far worse than the historic scenarios. Water companies not only should have a reliable water supply system but also have to do it cost-effectively. On the other hand, environmental issues and constraints can cause more pressure on all abstractors including water companies. In this talk, Dr Mortazavi-Naeini will present some examples from Australia and England to present how risk-based water supply planning can be implemented in presence of conflicting objectives, i.e. minimising cost and environmental damages, and maximising supply reliability.?

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