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Friday 07 Oct 2016LEAKSSuite: A free resource for improved Practical Assessment and Management of Leakage, Pressure and Apparent Losses

Allan Lambert - WLRandA Ltd: ILMSS Ltd

Harrison 170 14:00-15:00



Many of the practical concepts that are now successfully used internationally for assessment and sustainable management of leakage, pressure and apparent losses have been developed over the past 24 years. This process started with the UK Leakage Control Initiative in 1992-94, then continued internationally through the IWA Water Loss Task Forces 1996 to 2009, and the IWA Water Loss Specialist Group since 2010. 

However, today’s practitioners, and students, often experience difficulty in finding authoritative information on these well-proven basic concepts as they have evolved, or may even be unaware of some of them. Also, comparatively few practitioners from the hundreds of thousands of Water Utilities internationally are able to attend Conferences, or to easily access published papers and books relevant to their daily activities after they have finished their studies. 

To help to deal with this problem, the LEAKSSuite website of ILMSS Ltd was converted to a non-commercial, free to all source of information from 2013 onwards, as a legacy project by the presenter, who has been actively working in Water Resources and leakage management since 1962. The lecture will briefly outline each of the concepts in the Table above, and identify where to find the relevant material within the navigation table of the LEAKSSuite website Home Page The website now has over 15,000 users from 176 countries.




Allan Lambert has over 50 years experience in the UK and international water industry, split in almost equal parts between Water Resources/Hydrology, and Non-Revenue Water management, with experience in more than 40 countries. A Past President of the British Hydrological Society, and a special advisor on water resources and leakage to the House of Commons Environment Committee during the 1995-1996 UK drought, he developed Component Analysis (Background and Bursts Estimates) when he was Technical Secretary to the UK National Leakage Control Initiative in 1992-1994. He also chaired the 1st IWA Water Loss Task Force (1995-1999) which developed the Best Practice IWA Water Balance and Performance Indicators. A Fellow of the IWA, he has been researching the benefits of pressure management for almost 20 years, and is recognised as a leading international authority in leakage management.

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