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Friday 31 Mar 2017Imaging at the speed of light

Prof Daniele Faccio - Heriot-Watts

Newmann Red 12:30-13:30

I will review recent progress in the field of high-speed imaging using single photon counting technologies. I will explain the basic technology behind single photon counting array detectors and how these are used to image with picosecond temporal resolution. I will then show several examples of where this technology can make an impact, for example imaging light in flight either in free space or in optical fibres, imaging behind walls or imaging through the human body. In the second part I will switch to a more blue-sky aspect of our research and describe recent results obtained using similar high-temporal resolution imaging methods to study superluminal motion. Superluminal sources of light can, maybe surprisingly, be readily made and observed and our experiments illustrate a series of superluminal kinematic effects such as temporal inversion and image pair creation or annihilation.

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