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Thursday 17 Nov 2016Quantum mixing and probing of coherent photonic states in an open 1D space

Dr Vladimir Antonov - Royal Holloway University of London

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite)  12:30-13:30

We study a new fundamental phenomenon of quantum optics - quantum wave mixing.
The phenomenon reveals itself in various regimes of elastic scattering of two frequency coherent microwaves on a single superconducting artificial atom. Particularly, breaking time symmetry, when two sequential microwave pulses with di erent frequencies are applied, results in a frequency asymmetric spectrum of the scattered waves and the peak pattern represents a map of the interacting photonic states. Moreover, the arti cial atom operates as a sensor of the photonic states, distinguishing classical, single- and two-photon coherent states. Additionally, in the regime of direct scattering of two pulses of classical coherent waves on the single arti cial atom, a series of anharmonic quantum oscillations decoupled in a frequency domain according to the order of multi-photon processes are observed

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