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Thursday 03 Nov 2016On sets of irreducible polynomials closed by composition

Giacomo Micheli - University of Oxford

H103 14:30-16:30

Let S be a set of monic degree 2 polynomials over a finite field and let C be the compositional semigroup generated by S. In this talk we establish a necessary and sufficient condition for C to be consisting entirely of irreducible polynomials. The condition we deduce depends on the finite data encoded in a certain graph uniquely determined by the generating set S. Using this machinery we are able both to show examples of semigroups of irreducible polynomials generated by two degree 2 polynomials and to give some non-existence results for some of these sets in infinitely many prime fields satisfying certain arithmetic conditions (this is a joint work with A.Ferraguti and R.Schnyder). Time permitting, we will also describe how to use character sum techniques to bound the size of the graph determined by the generating set (this is a joint work with D.R. Heath-Brown).

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