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Thursday 06 Oct 2016Nanomaterials in action - Studying the dynamics of crystals and composites from the atomic to the macroscopic level with in situ and ex situ microscopy

Prof. Roland Kröger - University of York

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite) 12:30-13:30

Understanding the mechanisms behind crystal growth and dissolution as well as that of the relation between microstructure and mechanical properties of composite materials with high spatial and spectral resolution require new approaches to monitor the dynamics of the respective processes and properties. We are using techniques such as liquid cell TEM, aberration corrected STEM, atmospheric SEM and in situ Raman spectroscopy to capture and quantify important information on the early stages of crystallization from solutions of biologically relevant minerals (carbonates and phosphates), the transition of different phases (amorphous to crystalline), the molecular response of biocomposites (apatite/collagen) to external stress and the oxidation process of iron based nanoparticles.

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