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Thursday 18 Feb 2016Cloud E-learning for Mechatronics

KUO-MING CHAO - University of Coventry

Streatham Court B 14:30-15:30

This talk presents results of the CLEM project, Cloud E-learning for Mechatronics. CLEM is an example of a domain-specific cloud that is especially tuned to the needs of VET (Vocational, Education and Training) teachers. An interesting development has been the creation of remote laboratories in the cloud. Learners can access such laboratories to support their practical learning of mechatronics without need to set up laboratories at their own institutions. On the other hand the cloud infrastructure enables multiple laboratories to come together virtually to create an ecosystem for educators and learners. From such a system, educators can pick and mix materials to create suitable courses for their students and the learners can experience different types of devices and laboratories through the cloud. This talk provides an overview of this new cloud-based e-learning approach and presents the results. It explains how the use of cloud computing has enabled the development of the new method, showing how a holistic e-learning experience can be obtained through use of static, dynamic and interactive material together with facilities for collaboration and innovation.

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