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Monday 29 Feb 2016Optimizing Existing Software With Genetic Programming

Bill Langdon - UCL

H170 15:30-16:30

Genetic Improvement (GI) uses modern search based software engineering

(SBSE) techniques such as Genetic Programming (GP), to optimise

existing programs.  I plan to start with an introduction to genetic

programming. Then give very brief descriptions of early GP work on

evolving software from scratch and recent work on automatic bug fixing.

Part of the motivation for GI is that customising software for

different users, different hardware, different trade-offs between

resources consumption (eg memory, speed, battery life) and quality,

is at least as difficult and labour intensive as many other programming

tasks and yet (we shall see) is at least partly automatable.

Mostly I will concentrate on examples, such as given by the paper

doi:10.1109/TEVC.2013.2281544 of the same name as the talk. Here GI

automatically customised existing programs to give considerable speed

ups with little lost in accuracy by evolving a new version of the

program tailored to special cases.

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