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Friday 20 May 2016Atmospheric dynamics on terrestrial planets over a wide range of orbital and atmospheric parameters (GAFD seminar)

Dr Yohai Kaspi - Weizmann Institute of Science

H209 14:30-16:30

Planetary atmospheres in the Solar System and beyond span a wide range of parameters and characteristics. This talk discusses the possible climatic regimes on terrestrial planets, focusing on the effect of parameters such as rotation rate, atmospheric mass, stellar flux, radius, surface gravity etc. on the general circulation properties of these atmospheres (e.g., jet-streams, Hadley cells, temperature distribution). We show how exploration of a wide range of orbital and atmospheric parameters enables better understanding of the character of the macroturbulent scales (such as the Rhines scale, deformation radius, energy-containing scales etc.) governing the dynamics, and how those control the character of the eddy-driven flow in the atmosphere. Particular focus will be given to the mechanisms controlling the number, location and spacing of eddy-driven jet-streams. Moreover, the exploration of the wide parameter space can even help answering questions regarding Earth’s own atmosphere such as understanding Earth’s observed atmospheric energy spectrum and properties of the atmosphere during Earth’s history.

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