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Monday 07 Mar 2016Dynamics seminar - Mathematics Arising from Stent Implantation

Prof. Sean McKee - University of Strathclyde

H103 14:30-16:30

 This talk will be concerned with mathematical models of drug-eluting stents. Coronary heart disease,  atheroscelerosis,  restenosis  and the general physiology of coronary arteries will be introduced. The transport mechanisms and the philosophy behind mathematical modelling will be discussed.

An argument will be put forward for why one-dimensional  (as opposed to full  three-dimensional calculations) can often suffice. Following this , three different models will be discussed in some detail. The first concerns drug-elution from a polymer-coated stent. The second involves an in-vitro experiment to determine the uptake and release parameters for sirolimus  to endothelial cells in a petri dish. The third is about drug release from an abraded  (bare) metal stent  onto which drug has been sprayed.

It is argued that these models can yield useful clinical information.

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