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Tuesday 16 Feb 2016Modelling flood and sediment transport to support flood risk assessment

Dr Mingfu Guan - University of Leeds

Harrison 170 13:30-14:30


Strong evidence has shown that flooding will substantially increase because of urbanization, population and economic growth, as well as more frequent weather extremes in the context of climate change. Traditional grey or hard engineering solutions appear to be questionable to increase resilience and long-term sustainability to these issues as a result of many weaknesses. A natural management solution with tailored strategies is increasingly considered as a more sustainable option, such as sustainable water infrastructure or green infrastructure. As the development of computer and numerical algorithm, numerical models can provide significant supports to facilitate the sustainable management schemes to flood risks. This talk will present my recent research projects on urban stormwater, urban flood risk and sediment transport within flooding using numerical modelling techniques. I will present an advanced hydro-morphodynamic model (LHMM) for simulating flood inundation, sediment transport and changes in morphology. Then a number of real-world cases are demonstrated, including: (1) urban stormwater in a developing urban area in Finland, (2) effects of green infrastructures on urban flood in Johnson Creek, Portland, USA, (3) urban flooding in Ouseburn River in Newcastle, UK, and (4) an extreme outburst flood and its associated morphological changes in the Iceland.  


Dr Guan joined the University of Leeds School of Civil Engineering as a PhD student in 2010 and finshed his project on hydro-morphological modelling at the end of 2013. Until now, Dr Guan has been doing research in the field of water-related risk and engineering over 7 years. Dr Guan is experienced in hydro-morphological modelling, catchment/urban hydrology, urban stormwater management, and model development for various types of floods, such as urban floods, highly sediment-charged floods, landslide-induced floods. Dr Guan has participated in a number of funded projects and partnership with industrial companies. At the University of Leeds he developed enhanced computer model for predicting flood and sediment transport and will developed further for wider applications. As first and corresponding author, Dr Guan has published 8 articles in internationally leading journals, and 10 peer-reviewed conference papers.

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