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Friday 04 Dec 2015AG dynamics seminar: Eaton lenses, pseudo-integrable billiards and genericity along curves

Corinna Ulcigrai - University of Bristol

Kay Building, St Johns 15:00-16:00

We will present two results in mathematical physics which can be obtained as applications of a result in homogeneous dynamics. The first result concern the dynamics in a class of pseudo-integrable billiards in ellipses, i.e. elliptical billiards with a vertical barrier. The other the behaviour of light rays in arrays of perfect retroreflectors, also known as Eaton lenses. Both results are based on an equidistribution result in the space of affine lattices, that guarantees that typical points on certain curves are Birkhoff generic. The talk is based on joint work with Krzysztof Fraczek and Ronggang Shi. (This will be given by live video-conference)

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