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Tuesday 20 Oct 2015Developments in the Coastal Zone

Mr James Prescott - Arcadis

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

The coastal environment is complex and dynamic.  Although it can be a harsh environment, it is also often highly populated by people and used for many diverse activities.  The coastal zones also provide some of the richest natural environments on the planet.  So how do we manage this rich environment whilst meeting the demands of a rapidly developing world?    

The talk will give an overview of coastal processes and influencing factors.  How we apply numerical models to assess natural coastal processes to predict change, the influence of new developments and the effects of storm events and climate change.  We will look at how we engineer change and development in this environment.  Using case studies we will assess the function, design and impacts of sea defences, ports and other coastal developments on people and the natural environment.  And lastly we will review how development and competing interests in the coastal zone are managed in the UK.

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