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Tuesday 27 Oct 2015ICT4WATER: Using ICT and Innovation to Address Societal Challenges and Promote Sustainable Living

Professor Chrysi Laspidou - University of Thessaly

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

The challenges related to our natural resources under the stress of climate change that European societies face nowadays are discussed in this presentation.  Water is at the core of theses challenges and its efficient use is critical, especially since one of the aims of the European Commission is to position Europe as a global market leader in water-related innovative solutions. Water in the context of Circular Economy is also discussed. The latest technological advancements in ICT present an enormous potential for innovation at all levels, including social and policy innovations that raise awareness of the public on key issues and keep stakeholders engaged to ensure successful regulation design and enforcement. In this context, the passive flow of water in pipes is viewed as a dynamic flow system of energy and information. With the help of the Internet of Things, our Cities of the Future use sensors, control mechanisms and citizen observatories to collect data from a variety of sources and become living systems, enabling conservation and money-saving measures that would have been impossible without this virtual information network. With knowledge not being compartmentalized any more and with data flowing across sectors and through society and citizens, multiple disciplines need to work together and integration becomes the new mandate. Examples are presented that show future trends in Water and Resource Innovation that will promote sustainable living in today’s complex European societies.  

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