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Tuesday 22 Sep 2015Urban water and sanitation strategy development in low income city areas of Africa

Richard Wilson - Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor

Harrison 170 14:30-15:30

For many years, NGO involvement with water and sanitation has focused on rural while IFI attention has focused on large major water supply and sewerage schemes. However, rural to urban migration in Africa, together with population growth, has resulted in over half of any urban area being predominantly low income and informal, failing to be included in city and utility master plans. Many of the urban water and sanitation technologies are still rural in nature (shallow wells and pit latrines). NGO focus has therefore begun to shift to urban while IFIs have finally realised that conventional sewerage and sewage treatment in urban Africa serves only a fraction of the population and is generally unsustainable. The institutional, financial and change management challenges are formidable: This presentation discusses practical ways for local utilities that are responsible for water supply, sanitation and solid waste management  to provide acceptable and affordable levels of service delivery to an often neglected high proportion of their customers. Main headings are Water and Sanitation Sector Reform, Delegated Management, DMZs, NRW Reduction, PE100 pipe, Willingness and Ability to Pay, Vandalism, Faecal Sludge Management, Manual Pit Emptying, Pour Flush, Solid Waste Management, Change Management, Service Promotion. 

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