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Friday 25 Sep 2015Quantum plasmonics, Casimir forces and non-local nanophotonics

Dr. Vincenzo Giannini - Imperial College

Newman Red 12:30-13:30

The impressive recent advances in nanofabrication has made possible the observation of quantum effects in small metal nanostructures. In this case, plasmon excitations have a fundamental role but their behaviour is still not entirely clear. The main issue resides in the quite hard and numerically expensive many-body problem for numerous atoms contained in a metal nanoparticle. Also, are almost lacking analytical formulations.

We will show our recent research on the transition between the classical and quantum regime in two particular systems, namely Casimir forces between graphene sheets and metal nanoparticles.

In the first case, we will show a detailed study of the Casimir force and we will highlight the surprising major contribution of surface plasmons. In the latter, we will consider small metal nanoparticles interacting with light when the excitation of localized plasmons plays a significant role.

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