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Thursday 26 Nov 2015[NEST seminar] Nanomaterials in Motion: Real time imaging by in-situ Electron Microsopy

Professor Beverley Inkson - NanoLAB Centre, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield

HAR/170 (3D Visualisation Suite) 13:30-14:30

Many technologies now use composites with hierarchical structures engineered down to the nanoscale. Nanoparticles, nanowires and nano-platelets are active components in many composites, including engineering alloys, battery electrodes, sensors and biomaterials. The successful integration of nanocomponents into larger micro-structures does not, however, guarantee long-term performance due to effects of long-term thermal, electrical and mechanical stimuli.

In this talk we will examine how real-time imaging of nanoscale contacts inside electron microscopes, can be used to investigate the dynamics of material interactions and the evolution of nanostructures with time. The formation of nanoscale electrical circuits in-situ in SEM and TEM has enabled direct imaging of the time-dependant structural stability of a range of functional nanostructures including carbon nanotubes, particles and battery components. We demonstrate the use of a miniaturized TEM triboprobe which can apply long-term cyclic mechanical stresses to nanostructures at the nanoscale. The use of the TEM Triboprobe will be illustrated by examples including phase transformations in carbon nanoparticles, mechanical fatigue of silicon, and quantification of nanoparticle motion between sliding surfaces.

Career Progression Spotlight -- a part-time female's experience

Q&A session. Questions, possibly answers, and definitely conundrums, from my career progression experience, together with some thoughts as a Chair of a Materials Science Equality & Diversity Action group. Women and Men welcome, especially early career scientists.

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