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Wednesday 10 Feb 2016Seminar: Simulating observations and flow interactions with discs around young protostars

Dr Tom Douglas - University of Exeter

Physics, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

Discs are ubiquitous in star formation, both in high mass and low mass environments. The formation and earliest stages of protoplanetary discs remain poorly constrained by observations. ALMA and other next generation instruments will soon revolutionise this field. Therefore, it is important to provide predictions which will be valuable for the interpretation of future high sensitivity and high angular resolution observations. Here I present: simulated ALMA observations based on radiative transfer modelling of a relatively massive (0.39 solar masses) self-gravitating disc embedded in a 10 solar mass dense core, with structure similar to the pre-stellar core L1544 and Radiation-Hydrodynamic models of line driven disc-winds from 10 solar mass protostars of varying radii, accreting mass at 10^-4 solar mass/year through constant alpha disc and simulated free-free emission maps from them.

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