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Wednesday 11 Mar 2015Urban Water Systems: From Conventional to Smart Paradigm

Prof Zoran Kapelan - University of Exeter

HAR/004 17:15-19:00

Urban water systems are an integral part of our daily lives. They provide us with clean and dispose of used water on demand. Urban water systems are typically complex systems comprised of many different elements interconnected in large pipe networks. These systems have evolved substantially over the past twenty years with ongoing developments in sensing, ICT and other related technologies. Still, existing systems in the UK and worldwide are facing a number of challenges including rapidly deteriorating assets, changing climate, increased urbanisation and changing population demographics, to name the few. The lecture will provide an overview of Prof. Kapelan's work to date on addressing different aspects of urban water systems ranging from operational management to long-term planning, all in the context of both conventional and smart water paradigms. The lecture will conclude with future work directions for the years to come.

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