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Thursday 29 Jan 2015nPower Challenge - Win an Internship!

Rowan Royds - nPower -

Harrison 004 18:00-19:00

In this brand new competition, we’re challenging you, the students of Britain, to beat our forecast. In teams of between two and four, we want you to predict what our customers’ power usage will be, based on weather data. With a £500 jackpot and highly competitive summer internship up for grabs, this is not something we’re taking lightly!

There are very few industries where forecasting is as integral to day-to-day operations as the energy industry. Having an accurate view of how much energy a customer will use is essential to ensure that we buy the right amount and minimise the costs. This is why forecasting is so important to us, and why we need you.

You’ll be using state of the art industry weather data to create a model of the energy demand of our customers. We will then test the accuracy of your model with a staged competition. You will be provided with actual weather data for a period and will be asked to forecast customer consumption across that period. There’ll be an initial 2 weeks to formulate your model and make your first set of predictions, after which we’ll give you another set of data. You’ll then have a week to send in your forecast, before we send you the final set of data and you have one last week to submit your final predictions. At the end of each stage, we’ll reveal a leader board with points awarded based on how close your predicted values were to the actual data.

Once this process has been completed, the top three teams will progress to the final where you will present and explain your model to senior members of the npower forecasting team and the wider business via a video conference. From this, one team will be chosen by our panel of experts as the winners, and be offered summer internships as well as a £500 cash prize.

This is a fantastic opportunity, so don’t miss out. Check out our info booklet below for more details, or if you’re sold already, click ‘Apply’ below to fill in our short submission form. Bring your A-game, because we forecast some tough competition!
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